Lumivox™ - Cross-Device LED Charging Cable (3 in 1)

  • $19.99
  • Save $6

This innovative magnetic snap 3-in-1 LED Cross-device charging cable is perfect for cars as the quality LED light keeps the cables easily visible at night while creating a visually appealing futuristic display. The special feature of the LED Charging Cable is it’s interchangeable charging interface, including easily switchable extensions for standard Android devices, Type-C Androids and Apple devices.

Other than making it easier to charge your devices in cars and avoid accidentally wrapping the cable around the gear shifter, the LED cable is also great for night charging, as you will hardly ever trip over the cable when you wake up and decided to go for that toilet rush in the middle of the night. Likewise, the LED Charging Cable lets you easily access your phone, without having to turn on the lamp or fumbling around in the dark.

The LED light pulsates fast when your battery is low, and as it charges, the light pulsates slower and slower, eventually turning off completely once your battery is full.

3-in-1 interchangeable charging interface for Androids, Type-C’s and Apple devices!
Magnetic adapters easily connect to your charging port
✅ Quality wearproof PVC cables easily withstand 10,000 without twitching!
✅ Never fumble around in the dark searching for your phone again!
✅ Great for cars and night drives.